NYLT – Questions Answered

My name is Grayson Pitman and I am the NYLT Youth Staff SPL for 2024. I would like to inform you on the NYLT program and why NYLT will help your Scouts become better leaders. I have answered some common questions about NYLT below.

What is NYLT?

NYLT stands for National Youth Leadership Training and has been Scouting’s premiere leadership training program since its establishment in 2003. The training is held over a two weekend span and scouts will learn important Scout and life skills that can translate over to troop leadership and even everyday life.

During the program, Scouts will be placed into patrols with Scouts that they have never met before, where they will go through the stages of team development as they strive to become better leaders. Scouts will learn how to communicate effectively, how to resolve conflicts, and how to work towards a vision.

Who can do NYLT?

In order to participate in NYLT, scouts must meet the following requirements:

  • be currently registered with a Troop, Crew, or Ship
  • be at least 13 years of age and at least of First Class rank (Scouts BSA) or a Venturer/Sea Scout at least 14, or 13 and have completed 8th grade
  • have approval from their unit leader AND parents/guardians
  • have completed the Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops/Crew (ILST/C)

What will Scouts learn at NYLT?

Presentations include how to properly prepare your plans, how to resolve conflicts between other Scouts, finding your vision, embracing leading change, the importance of resilience, and how to lead a team through the stages of team development.

In addition to presentations presented by the NYLT Youth Staff, challenges such as a pioneering project, first aid scenarios, and a quest for the meaning of leadership will lead your Scouts through working with their patrol to become better leaders and better Scouts.

Why should I consider NYLT?

NYLT not only helps your Scouts become better leaders within the scouting community, but can have a direct impact on their overall attitude and confidence in their everyday lives. I have seen how NYLT can affect a Scout’s confidence in themselves and their leadership attributes, which has made them into a better person and leader in every facet of their life.

Do the skills of NYLT help at the Troop Level?

Yes, absolutely! I can speak from personal experience on this question. I took NYLT in 2021, and it completely changed my confidence level and my confidence in myself as a leader. I was able to apply the principles that I had learned at my troop level, student government level, and even at sports to become a better leader and teammate.

NYLT changed my perspective on leadership and greatly advanced my understanding of the scouting program which led to my completion of the Eagle Trail in January of 2023.

When is NYLT?

NYLT will be held on two weekends in April. Both weekends are required to complete the course. The weekends are:

Go Live Weekend #1 – April 12th – April 14th, 2024
Go Live Weekend #2 – April 19th – April 21st, 2024

You can register HERE!

Should I do NYLT?

The quick answer to this question is YES! The program of NYLT is a fun, interactive, and memorable experience that teaches you valuable life and leadership skills. I highly recommend that you participate in this year’s NYLT program and I hope to see you in April!