Scouting News

May 13, 2023
Doug Pinard, District Director

Saturday morning, May 13th, Scouts from all over the Council gathered to compete for the top honors of Pinewood Derby Grand Champion. Click HERE for the results!

Program Launch Recap

May 11, 2023
Doug Pinard

For those that were unable to attend the program launch, take a peek in this brief article for some links to the vendors that were able to attend and show off what programs and activities they have available to help make your units year the G.O.A.T. 

April 23, 2023
Melissa Pendill, Senior District Executive
As Octoraro District’s biggest fundraiser, there are BIG expectations year-over-year, and this year certainly did not disappoint! Read more…
Lynn Watson

There are many reasons one may want to become an Eagle Scout. One reason could be a family history in Scouting. But, over the years, this author has seen the three Ds play out, as reasons one may become an Eagle Scout. Read more…