Internet Rechartering

PA Clearances unit reports will be sent out in October

Recharter 2022 Overview

This year, rechartering will happen online in a National system called Internet Rechartering which will be described more below. The system will open on October 15, 2021 and there are NO ACCESS CODES.

Use this information and the resources above to guide you through the process step-by-step. Once you submit your recharter in Internet Rechartering, you will bring final paperwork and payment to Recharter Day.

Recharter Day is Saturday, November 13, 2021. Sign up for an appointment time at your District Specific Location:

Horseshoe Trail: Hopewell United Methodist Church
852 Hopewell Rd, Downingtown, PA 19335
Sign up for Horseshoe Trail Rechartering

Diamond Rock: PARC
1 Scouting Way, Exton, PA 19341
Sign up for Diamond Rock Rechartering

Octoraro: Wilson Residence
100 Lavender Hill Lane, Landenberg, PA 19350
Sign up for Octoraro Rechartering

Before Logging Into Internet Rechartering

Confirm All Adults Are Trained

  • Youth Protection Training and Position Specific Training is required for all registered members. Training reports for each unit can be found at under the training manager tab. Run a training report for your unit to see the YPT and position-specific training status for all registered adults.
  • Position-Specific Training: Direct contact leaders (CM, DL, SM, ASM, NL, SK, CC) are given six months to complete position-specific training. Leaders not trained in this time period will need to change roles to Committee Member.
  • YPT: All members (except IH/EO who are not in any other position) must have current YPT training. The Chester County Council Executive Board requires all members to have YPT valid through the last day of the Recharter period in order to register (resulting in YPT to be taken yearly). Each Volunteer and Staff member must have taken YPT in 2021 to be valid for the entire 2022 Year.

Confirm All Adults Have Current Background Checks

  • PA clearances are considered “current” for 5 years from the issue date. Volunteers are able to obtain the Pa Background checks for free. Members may reapply after 57 months (just after 4.5 years) to update your existing clearances. For more Information/links to the state websites, go to:
  • Submit clearances to the Self-Service CCCBSA Clearance Portal:
  • Do not upload clearances to the Internet Rechartering system during the recharter process!
  • Please try to upload clearances early (by Wednesday, November 10,2021) so they will be approved by Recharter Day.
  • Unit leaders on the unit distribution list will receive a report of the clearance status for all adults in their unit from the CCCBSA Clearance Portal.
  • Maryland residents do not need to submit PA clearances, but they do need to submit the MD Waiver. These waivers do not expire.

Register New Scouts and Scouters

  • It is preferred to submit new youth and adult application BEFORE starting Internet Rechartering. Waiting to submit applications during Internet Rechartering means more paperwork for you.
  • To add new scouts and scouters during Internet Rechartering, you will need SCANNED paper applications to upload.
  • New adult applications must be signed by the COR and accompanied by a Youth Protection Training completion certificate and state-mandated clearances.
  • New youth applications must be signed by the parent as well as a Unit Leader (CM, SM, etc.)
  • Be sure the adult applicants sign the Background Check Authorization page.
  • Please bring all printed paperwork with you to Recharter Day (signed applications, YPT certificate, clearances).

Chartered Organization Responsibilities

  • Chartered Organization changes should be made PRIOR to recharter.
  • Download and print the Annual Charter Agreement to be signed by the Institutional Head, the Charter Organization Rep, and the Committee Chair and brought, signed, to Recharter Day.

While Logged Into Internet Rechartering

Internet Rechartering Access Codes are NOT NEEDED THIS YEAR.

What is Internet Rechartering?

This web-based system provided by the BSA National Council helps you update your unit’s roster to correct errors for existing members, add new members, and remove members who are no longer in your unit. The Internet Recharter system will be active starting October 15th.   

Where to Log in to Internet Rechartering

Internet Rechartering may be accessed by the Unit Leader, Charter Org Rep, Committee Chairman or Key 3 Delegate by logging into their or My.Scouting Account. From, log in with your username and password, click on Home, then select BSA Web Links, then Internet Advancement 2.0. From the Scoutbook Dashboard, select Internet Advancement.

Where to Get More Information

A guide to Internet Rechartering can be found at: and a video can be viewed here:

Adding New Members

Use the Internet Rechartering interface to add and remove youth and adults on your roster and change their roles. When adding a new member, you will need to upload a document (the scanned application), but you will also need to bring all documents with you to Recharter Day as well. IT IS PREFERRED THAT NEW MEMBERS ARE REGISTERED PRIOR TO BEGINNING INTERNET RECHARTERING!

Recharter Fees

Do NOT use the online payment option. Once you are finished adjusting your roster, click on “Validate Recharter and Pay”. On the payment screen, select “Pay at Council” on the bottom left. IF you pay online, you WILL NOT get any Council discounts.

Signing the Recharter

Once submitted the Key 3 and Key 3 delegates will receive an email requesting a digital signature. This must be completed before Recharter Day.

After Submitting Your Recharter – What You Need For Recharter Day

Recharter Day

  • Arrive on time.
  • Bring everything on the 2022 Charter Renewal Checklist found at
  • Be sure to include all paperwork for new members registered during Internet Rechartering (if any).
  • Use the CCCBSA Recharter Fee Worksheet to calculate recharter fees and Council discounts. Bring a blank check (signed if the signatory will not be at Recharter Day).

Recharter Fees and Council Discounts

The CCCBSA Recharter Fee Worksheet will help you calculate the correct fees as below. Visit for more details.

    • Youth member fee = $138 (fee includes $72 for the National BSA membership/insurance and $66 for CCCBSA Program Fee)
    • One-time fee for new youth member who has never been registered in Scouting = $25
    • CCCBSA Multi-Scout Family Discount = $20.00 for each Scout in a household after the first
    • Adult member fee = $81 (fee includes $45 for the National BSA membership/insurance and $36 for CCCBSA Program Fee)
    • CCCBSA Multi-Adult Family Discount = $36.00 for each adult in a household after the first
    • Subscription = $12 per year
    • National BSA annual recharter fee per unit = $75
    • CCCBSA calculates 5% rebate on CCCBSA Program Fees.

Recharter Help

Our Field Team and District Commissioner Teams are your first point of contact if you need help. If we don’t already know the answer to your question, we will help find it. OR, use our Recharter hotline email! Email us at [email protected] and one of our recharter team members will respond quickly.

       Horseshoe Trail

Norm Long: [email protected]

       Diamond Rock

Doug Pinard: [email protected]


Melissa Pendill: [email protected]

Tom Wilson: [email protected]