Recruiting 2024 begins! Promote and build your pack or troop.

In 2024, Chester County Council is offering new incentives for families and units. Read below for more information.

District and Council Membership Teams are here to help. Learn more about our resources below.

Spring Recruiting Guide!

Calling all Adults, learn more about proven-methods to promote your Pack or Troop and recruit new Cubs and Scouts. Our guide has step-by-step instructions, ideas, and links to help you get your information out to families and run successful events!


2024 Cub Scout Incentive Program

Period 1 January thru May 31 Pack Incentive

Units can earn $20 per new Scout recruited between Jan 1 and May 31, 2024 if they complete the following things by May 31, 2024:

  1. Recruit 20% from recharter.
    Reaching 20% growth from your recharter roster number by May 31, 2024 is not hard. It may only mean a handful of new youth! Drops and crossovers will not affect your goal at this point. We want you to keep your focus only on recruiting! Look for this number in an email to your Key 3.
  2. Attend Spring Recruitment RT.
    See above for dates!
  3. Choose a membership helper.
    Select one adult, not in the Key 3, to be your unit’s membership person, helper, assistant, or aid. Scroll down for more info. The Key 3 can’t do it all!
  4. Create and share a digital calendar.
    Plan your pack or troop’s activities for the year and make it electronic using a calendar app like Google, Scoutbook, or Apple so that it is easy to manage and share. Upload it for the District to view so that we can be involved and help share it out to interested families. Instructions are on the upload form here.
  5. Opt-in to automatically accept applications.
    Streamline your work by automating processes for new and renewing applications by logging into’s Organization Manager. See instructions below.
  6. Create automated welcome email in My.Scouting.
    Make sure every application that is automatically accepted online is followed up with a customized greeting, contact info, and an invitation to attend your next meeting. Instructions are below.
  7. Submit applications the month received.

Spring recruiting means a jumpstart your annual goals. Get to 20% growth early, and make up the difference in drops/crossovers in the fall during the typical recruiting season!

Period 2 June 1 through August 31 Pack Incentive

Earn $100 towards weekend camping by completing the following between June 1 and August 31, 2024:

  1. Check/update your pin and welcome email. See instructions below.
  2. Meet 1/month for indoor or outdoor activity.
  3. Plan/upload calendar for 24-25 school year.
  4. Schedule 2 Join Scouting events for the fall.
  5. Attend one of the Fall Recruiting Roundtables: August 13, August 14, or August 20.
  6. Submit applications the month received.
Period 3 September 1 through December 31 Pack Incentive

Earn free or discounted pinewood derby cars for your pack by showing 10-20% year-end growth and completing the following by December 31, 2024:

  1. Check/update your pin and welcome email. See instructions below.
  2. Hold 2 Join Scouting events.
  3. Nominate 1 adult to serve on district/council committees.
  4. Submit applications the month received.
  5. Achieve growth: 20% (free PWD) or 10% (half-price PWD). Year-over-year growth based on your 12/31/23 numbers. Look for an email from the Membership and Field Teams.

2024 Scouts BSA Incentive Program

Scout Incentive

Scouts can earn a $15 digital gift card and Recruiter Strip for each new registered youth (not previously in Scouting) that they recruit to their Troop in 2024.

  • Recruit one new youth not previously in Scouting.
  • Submit their application the month received.
  • Submit the Recruiting Completion form.
  • Submissions will be verified monthly and Scouts will receive a $15 digital gift card and a Recruiter Strip.
Troop Incentive

Earn a free weekend camping at HSR in the upcoming season – no fee limit! – by doing the following in 2024:

  • Check/update your pin and welcome email. See instructions below.
  • Hold a Bring a Friend event.
  • Nominate 1 adult to serve on district/council committees.
  • Submit applications the month received.
  • Achieve 20% year over year growth based on 12/31/23 numbers. Look for an email from the Membership and Field Teams.
Bragging Rights

Score a trophy to show off! Each month, the top recruiting troop will win a trophy and recognition on our media channels.

  • Each month the top recruiting troop will be awarded with a trophy!
  • Recognition for the troop will go out on our social media channels!
  • Brag online and tag it with #CCCBSATopRecruiter.

Spring Checklist

How do you grow membership? Beside the items required for the incentives, here are some other this to try:

Addressing Financial Barriers

We all know that Scouting is a worthwhile investment in your child’s future and far less expensive than travel sports and many other options available to youth, but for many families, cost is a barrier to joining.

Consider a uniform or gear bank where families can recycle outgrown uniforms, neckerchiefs, boots, belts, hats, etc. as well as camping gear and other things we use in scouting.

Talk to new families about fundraising opportunities they can participate in to defray costs.

Financial Assistance

For those who would like to request financial assistance, funds are available to help offset annual youth fees for families in need of financial assistance. Families can request directly with this form.

Making sure the online system is helping your unit!

Update your BeAScout pin is THE tool for families to find your Scouting unit and register online, so it’s critical to make sure your BeAScout pin is accurate and online registration is enabled.

Who Can Update Your Unit’s BeAScout Pin?
Your Unit’s Key 3: Unit Leader, Unit Committee Chair, or Unit Chartered Organization Representative.

Step 1: Log into
Step 2: Go to Organization Manager.
Step 3: Update your Unit Information. 
  • Select Unit Pin on the left.
  • Set the “Appear on BeAScout” to the “on” position, allows the unit pin to be shown on the map. 
  • Set “Allow People to Apply Online” so it is in the “on” position.
  • Add Contact Information. Include a name and an email address (telephone number is optional). 
  • Enter your unit’s web address in the Unit Website box. 
  • Add additional information, like meeting day and time.
  • Check your unit meeting address and correct if needed.

Step 4: Select the fields to display on the pin. Your choices will automatically appear in the Unit Pin Preview.

Be set to automatically accept youth applications

Streamline your work by automating processes for new and renewing applications by logging into’s Organization Manager:

  • Organization Manager > Settings > Youth Applications >
    Check box that says “Automatically Accept Youth Applications to this Unit.”
  • Organization Manager > Settings > Auto Approve Renewals >
    Check box that says “Allow auto approve renewals”
Setup your welcome email

In, go to Organization Manager > Settings > Email Settings > Online Registration Emails > and check box that says “Welcome Emails” then add text for your automated Welcome email. Here’s an example:

Welcome to <UNIT #> in <TOWN>! We are excited you have joined to be a part of our exciting Scouting Adventures.

Our <PACK OR TROOP> meets <MEETING DAY> at <TIME/PLACE>. Please join us at our next meeting to get started on your Scouting journey. We look forward to having you as a member of our <PACK OR TROOP>!

Below you will find a list of our volunteer leaders and their contact information. Please feel free to reach out to them with any questions you may have.

See you soon,

Your membership helper

Growing and sustaining strong membership in a unit depends on making efforts to promote the unit to non-scouting families in the community and then engaging new families so that they feel welcomed and want to stay. Our district and council membership teams and commissioners want to reach all units with resources for success. The role of the membership helper is to be the point of contact for these efforts.

The membership helper should…

  • Be a FUN and engaging position.
  • Form relationships with new members and their families.
  • Utilize the families in the unit for a team approach.
  • Be recruited and supported by key unit leadership.
  • Be provided with training both online and face to face.
  • Be in touch with the district membership team and unit commissioner.

Printable Resources!

Many more printables are available at this link!