Fall 2022 Recruiting Presentation!

Calling all Leaders and Adults, learn more about proven-methods to promote your Pack or Troop and recruit new Cubs and Scouts. Download our presentation which acts as a step-by-step guide filled with instructions, ideas, and links to help you get your information out to local families and run successful events!

Trick or Treat! Halloween Recruiting…

Your pack should register a car at any school or community trunk-or-treat that is available. Have your families come up with creative ways to include pack information with the treats they distribute at home or at other events. It could be a tag on a lollipop or a peer-to-peer card in a goody sack. To help make this easier, here is a downloadable label sheet that you can customize with your own pack info and print onto mailing labels that you can then stick to candy bags, lollipops, or good bags. Happy Halloween!

All Pack and Troops need to do this…

Fill out this form to update our website with your unit meeting information and joining event details. You can also order yard signs, flyers, and peer-to-peer card!

Every Unit’s Fall Checklist

  • Promote unit on social media
  • Plan a joining event or activity
  • Promote your Joining Event
  • Request yard signs
Update Your BeAScout Pin is THE tool for families to find your Scouting unit and register online, so it’s critical to make sure your BeAScout pin is accurate and online registration is enabled.

Who Can Update Your Unit’s BeAScout Pin?
Your Unit’s Key 3: Unit Leader, Unit Committee Chair, or Unit Chartered Organization Representative.

Step 1: Log into
Step 2: Go to Organization Manager.
Step 3: Update your Unit Information. 
  • Select Unit Pin on the left.
  • Set the “Appear on BeAScout” to the “on” position, allows the unit pin to be shown on the map. 
  • Set “Allow People to Apply Online” so it is in the “on” position.
  • Add Contact Information. Include a name and an email address (telephone number is optional). 
  • Enter your unit’s web address in the Unit Website box. 
  • Add additional information, like meeting day and time.
  • Check your unit meeting address and correct if needed.
Step 4: Select the fields to display on the pin. Your choices will automatically appear in the Unit Pin Preview.

Your New Member Coordinator

Sustaining strong membership in a unit depends not only on having new members join the unit, but also on engaging youth and their families in the unit experiences so that they feel welcomed and want to stay. The role of the New Member Coordinator is to ensure that both keys to success take place.

The New Member Coordinator (NMC) position has been designed to:

  • Be a FUN and engaging position.
  • Form relationships with new members and their families.
  • Use a team approach by encouraging more than one NMC in a unit, allowing them to tailor their work to individual interests/expertise, as well as to recognize the particular needs of the unit.
  • Fit every type of unit, every age level and every program.
  • Be recruited and supported by key unit leadership.
  • Be provided with training both online and face to face.
  • Be mentored by the district membership chair and become part of the district membership team.
  • Be visible and easily identifiable at unit gatherings by their Welcoming smiles and their BSA “Welcome” logo that they display and wear on an activity shirt, on a hat or vest or in some cases, a pin on a field uniform.