Popcorn Sale

Year-Round Online Selling

Scouts can fundraise while social distancing.  Unit registration is NOT required.  All products ship directly to customer.

Just log into or register your Trail’s End account at www.trails-end.com to get started today.  These helpful videos will help get you started.

If you have any issues or questions; contact Popcorn@cccbsa.org

2020 Fall Popcorn Sale

Trail’s End is hosting webinars:

  • Popcorn 101 (June 25 – July 31)
  • Trail’s End Tech Update (June 18 – July 30)
  • Scout Sales Training (July 17 – July 27)

Go to https://www.trails-end.com/webinars to register for a date that works for you.

2020 tentative KEY POPCORN DATES

July 2020 — Council Kick-Off
August 2020 — Diamond Rock Training & Lottery
August 2020 — Horseshoe Trail Training & Lottery
August 2020 — Octoraro Training & Lottery
August 2020 — Storefront Location Reporting > click here to download form
Aug 1- Aug 26, 2020 — Initial Order 
Sept 11, 2020 — Initial Order Pick-Up 
Sept 11-18, 2020 — Mid-Sale Order
Oct 2, 2020 — Mid-Sale Pick-Up & Re-balancing day 
Oct 18, 2020 — Sale Ends
Oct 23, 2020 — Returns 
Oct 23, 2020 — Final Order 
Nov 6, 2020 — Final Order Pick-up 
Nov 6, 2020 — Invoice Balance Due 
Reward Submission – Once Invoice is paid-in-full


Chester County Council will be holding a Lottery for the following locations:

  1. Wawa – ALL      
  2. Acme – ALL               
  3. Lowe’s in Downingtown

Please DO NOT contact these stores or their corporate offices regarding popcorn sales. Our “corporate” people will contact their corporate people.  Your interference could jeopardize our current relationship.
See the KEY DATES schedule (above) for your district’s Lottery.  To participate in the Lottery, your unit must have a representative present!


30%  Base Commission

+5%  Trained Unit – have 2 unit members attend a Popcorn Kick-off/ Training Event

+5% for using the Trail’s End App

+3% on sales over $10,000

NEW UNITS! – get the full 73% commission on the first $1,000 of product


Flat Commission Rate:  35% of online sales


All credit card funds are held for 48 hours, which gives you time to process a refund if a transaction is made in error. After 48 hours the transaction is locked in. If your Unit has a balance due to Council on your popcorn invoice statement, the funds will be applied towards that unpaid balance 2 business days after you take the sale. This applies to the entire transaction amount for Trail’s End App sales, and towards your commission amount for all Online Sales.

What does that look like?
App Sales: Your Unit runs a storefront at Walmart on Saturday, and rings up $300 of credit card transactions. You made one transaction by mistake and issue a $20 refund on Sunday (within 48 hours). At the end of the day on Tuesday (2nd business day), $280 is applied towards your popcorn invoice statement.

Online Sales:Your Scout makes an online sale for $100 on Sunday, and your Unit gets a 35% commission. At the end of the day on Tuesday, a $35 credit is applied towards your popcorn invoice statement.

What if I don’t owe my Council money for popcorn?
If you don’t owe money for popcorn, you can transfer your App credit card sales and online commissions into your Unit bank account. There are two scheduled transfers every month, one on the 14th, and one on the 28th. 


  • 2020 Trail’s End Rewards Program – details coming soon!


Contact Popcorn@cccbsa.org

The Council service center and Outdoor Adventure Store will be closed until further notice. All summer camping programs are cancelled for the summer of 2020.