2022 Popcorn Sale

On Thursday, July 21st, there was a popcorn kickoff where we handed out promotional and marketing material for the sale. To get your sale information, contact [email protected] 

The Chester County Council is pleased to offer the 2022 Popcorn Sale for units to fund their programs and to help financially support their local council.   This fundraiser is held annually each fall and is a ready-made, turn-key, simple product sale that offers up to 40% commission to participating units. We hope that through this sale we can provide a safe, easy way for Scouts to raise money for their future Scouting Adventures.  

This Sale Strengthens Both Units and Your Council!

In addition to the funds that will directly benefit units, the proceeds of this sale provide critical financial resources that the Chester County Council depends upon to reinvest in providing service and support to units, such as providing a fully-staffed service center with a Scout Shop, two camping properties, a full-time professional staff, accident and liability insurance, council-wide activities and trainings, and much more.

By participating in this product sale, your unit helps build a strong and healthy local unit and local council, which will both build strong and healthy Scouts who will become tomorrow’s leaders!

2022 Vendor – NEW!

The Chester County Council is committed to making sure that we provide the best options for a successful sale and that means securing vendors that provide a great product, provide a great return to Scouting, provide excellent customer service and sales support, and follow through on their commitments.  We recognize that there were some challenges with the 2020 and 2021 sale and are excited to start a new chapter with a new popcorn vendor, Pecatonica River!  

We can’t wait to share more with you about this year’s sale and introduce you to what Pecatonica River has to offer.  


Pecatonica offers great-tasting products, and all of them are available in attractive TINS or branded Popcorn Buckets.   Prices are competitive and reflect the quality of their product all while helping to support Scouting.  At this point, we do not anticipate any issues with either vendor having to make any substitutions or changes to the product lineup below. 

Year-Round Online Selling

Scouts can fundraise while social distancing.  Unit registration is NOT required.  All products ship directly to customer.

If you have any issues or questions; contact [email protected]