Unit Fundraisers


Sales typically run Sept - Oct each year. Preparations and training are usually in the Spring/Summer beforehand.

Outdoor Adventure Cards

Sales typically run Feb - Mar. The sale ends in time for Scouts to meet the Early Bird Discount and earn their own way to Summer Camp.


Why sell Popcorn or Outdoor Adventure Cards?

The annual unit fundraiser is not just a great way for units to earn money for their activities; it also teaches Scouts that we earn our own way; not just expect to be paid for. They also learn some important life lessons, like:

1.  Goal Setting Skills and working towards that goal – What prize does your Scout want this year?

2.  Persuasion Skills –  A Scout has to be persuasive. They’re selling support of a great organization – not just popcorn or adventure cards. 

3.  Handling Rejection Skills – Yep, Scouts are going to be turned down. They will knock on doors where no one is home. Sometimes outside stores, they’re going to be ignored.  

4.  Perseverance Skills – Selling popcorn and camp cards is a huge lesson in perseverance. If you don’t sell at this house, you just go on to the next house.  If that person leaving the store doesn’t stop and buy, you just ask the next person. Being tenacious is important – it’s what gets you through big school projects and big work projects.

5.   Math Skills – Oh, my! There are so many ways to practice math during the sale!