Weekend Camping Fees

Camp Horseshoe Weekend Camping 2022-2023

Browning Lodge30$275$360
Schramm Lodge36$275$360
Roberts Lodge32$280$365
Rothrock Lodge32$280$365
McIlvaine Lodge24$255$315
Adirondack Sites40$100$115
Stockade Sites28-30$100$115
Tent SitesVaries$80$85
Octoraro Memorial LodgeSites18$200$250

Camp Ware Weekend Camping 2022-2023

Lawrence Lodge24$250$305
Sloan Lodge40$275$345
Macaleer Lodge #130$300$350
Macaleer Lodge #230$300$350
Staff City (6)36$135$155
Adirondack Sites16$100$115
Tent SitesVaries$80$95
Dining Hall200$50$65
(add heat or A/C to dining hall rental at $65 per day)
Dining hall fees will be paid at camp.
Use of of other facilities not listed must be approved by the Camping and Facilities Director, Evan Ellwanger ([email protected])

Rifle Range Fees

Use of Range$15$15
Rifle Rental 1/2 Day$6.00 ea$7.00 ea
Rifle Rental Full Day$10.00 ea$11.00 ea
BB Gun Rental 1/2 Day
(Units provide own BBs)
BB Gun Rental Full Day
(Units provide own BBs)
Ammo (1 box / 50 rounds)$4.00$5.00
TargetsNo ChargeNo Charge
Cleaning Fees per rifle
(if returned un-cleaned)

Shotgun Range Fees

Use of RangeHalf day $25 / Full day $40 Half day $25 / Full day $40
Clay pigeons (135 per box)$2 per shooter$2 per shooter
Shotgun range reservation includes one 12-gauge and one 20-gauge shotgun as well as thrower with battery.
Units must provide all ammunition. Shotgun range reservations must be made with the Camping and Facilities Director, Evan Ellwanger

Archery Range Fees

Use of RangeHalf day $25 / Full day $50 Half day $25 / Full day $50
Equipment Use$2 per shooter$2 per shooter
Units must provide their own targets.
Units must have/provide a level 1 USA archery certified instructor. We are unable to provide one.

Cancellation Policy & Fee Payment Schedule

All camp fees for facility rentals must be paid in full within two weeks of the unit’s receipt of confirmation of cabin or campsite availability.  NOTE: Program payments (C.O.P.E., Rifle Ranges etc) are made during the weekend that the unit is at camp.

Refund Schedule

Should it become necessary for a unit to cancel a reservation, the following fee refund schedule will apply. The effective dates which will be utilized to determined the amount to be refunded are the date the reservation was received and the date that the Chester County Council was notified of the cancellation. 

  More than 6 months from the reserved date:                75% of total fees paid 
 3 to 6 months from the reserved date:                50% of total fees paid 
  1 to 3 months from the reserved date:                25% of the total fees paid
    Less than one month from the reserve date:               No refund 

Consideration will be given to reservations where the cancellation is due to inclement weather permitting a unit to reschedule during the current calendar year. 

Unit cancellations due to COVID-19 will be dealt with on a case by case basis. If the property is forced to close, full refunds will be issued.