PARC Tech Corner

Development of Chester County Council’s Program, Activity, and Resource Campus (PARC) is well underway with the pending completion of the Service Center building.  Technologies incorporated in the building’s design, construction, and fit-out include energy management, security and life safety, communication and computing, and program presentation.  Highlights include:

·       Energy Management – an energy efficient heating and cooling system is zoned and controlled with
wireless thermostats capable of being managed remotely.  LED lighting is
used throughout the building and grounds.

·       Security and Life Safety – facility doors are secured with programmable electronic locks to allow for group access on evenings and weekends.  Security cameras monitor and can record activity in
the Trading Post and
all building entry points.

·       Communication and Computing – high speed internet service coupled with both interior wired and
interior/exterior WiFi networks support desktop internet-based voice
communications, desktop/laptop/handheld computing and communications, and
and allow guests easy network

·       Program Presentation – the Dick Vermeil Leadership Development Center assembly room, STEM activity
rooms, and all conference rooms are equipped with a combination of video
screens, projection screens, video projectors, and audio systems appropriate to
each space making it easy for individuals to connect their devices for program
with the click of a button.

These technologies will support and enhance various indoor and outdoor programs at PARC for many years to

The Scout Store and PARC building will be closed on Wednesday, June 19 for Juneteenth.