PARC Donor Spotlight

Hab and Barbara Butler

For decades, Hab and Barbara Butler have played a significant role in Chester County Council, BSA. As the parents of 4 children, 6 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild, family and Scouting have been intertwined throughout their lives and they have witnessed firsthand the intergenerational impact of Scouting.

When asked why he and Barb support PARC, Hab said, “The Chester County Council has been a leading Scouting organization for many, many years. We have had countless outstanding Scouts, Scouters and donors and I am hopeful our membership and leaders will continue to grow. I support PARC and will continue to do so. Chester County Council, BSA’s long-term relationships with Scouters in our Council have also helped to develop other Councils’ leaders and educate them on how to reach their own goals.”

Hab has held several positions within Scouting both on the local and National levels, including Chester County Council President, Area President, Northeast Region President and was a member of the National Council Board. Although he is currently retired, Hab continues to dedicate a significant amount of time volunteering with Council.

Outside of Scouting, Hab spent 38 years in US Banking which included 19 consolidations. He also spent 10 years with Japanese financial organization which consumed his time mostly six days each week. After two months of retirement… he could not stand it…and then spent 14+ years with a private organization…which doubled in size. In his spare time he enjoys attending church, camping, and having fun with family and friends.