Shooting Sports Policy

  • Cub Scouts are permitted to use BB guns only. Boy Scouts may use BB guns, pellet guns, .22 caliber rifles and single shot shotguns. Venturers are permitted to use all those listed for Boy Scouts plus approved target pistols (by special request only).
  • Range activities utilizing .22 ca rifles will be supervised by an currently certified instructor. Approved instructor certifications are BSA National Camp Shooting Sports Director or NRA Certified Rifle Instructor. All rifle-shooting activities must also have a certified NRA Range Safety Officer (RSO) directly supervising all live fire on the range. These must be two separate individuals.
  • Use of the BB gun range must be supervised by a BSA National Camp Shooting Sports Range Director, NRA Rifle Instructor or an adult who has taken and passed the BSA BB Gun Instructor course. A certified RSO is not required.

  • A photocopy of the instructor’s and RSO’s current certification must be on file in the Horseshoe Scout Reservation’s Ranger’s Office. Instructors may file their certification by mail, by fax (717-548-0236) or presented in person on the date of the activity. NOTE: It is mandatory that a copy of the instructor’s current certification be on file prior to the unit’s use of the range. Failure to produce the required document will result in cancellation of the reservation.
  • Only HSR owned single shot bolt action 22 rifles may be used on ranges.

  • Only HSR supplied .22 ammo may be used.

  • Only HSR owned BB Guns can be used on the ranges.

  • Cub Scouts using BB Guns must provide their own BBs.

  • Use of the shotgun range is restricted. Please contact Ranger’s office for details.

  • The Ranger or his designee will issue all rifles, targets and ammunition. HSR will also provide eye and ear protection as needed.

  • All .22 ca rifles must be cleaned prior to being returned to ranger or his designee. Units using rifles must supply their own cleaning supplies.

  • Units returning un-clean rifles will incur a $10.00 fee per rifle chargeable to the unit.

  • Units will be charged for any damages as a result of the unit’s misuse and/or abuse of the rifles, equipment, or shooting sports facilities.


 * By National Standards, Venture Crews are permitted to 
use pistols provided they meet BSA specifications.

  1. Range must be operated by a Level 1 (or greater) USA Archery Instructor
  2. Units must provide targets.
  3. HSR will provide bows/arrows and safety equipment. 

Questions? Feel free to contact us.