Scout Executives/CEO

Arthur A Schuck   1919-1919
Adam J. Himmelsbach   1919-1920
P. Henry Sluyter   1920-1923
Charles M. Heistand   1923-1929
Thomas J. Price   1929-1940
Louis Lester   1940-1957
Donald Simpson   1957-1966
John H. Gronemeyer   1966-1969
Walter Ryan Jr.   1969-1975
George E. Test   1975-1981
Richard C. Bennett   1981-1988
Paul D. Beauregard   1988-1997
Douglas Dillow   1997-2003
Brian Sinders   2003-2007
Eric Magendantz   2007-2011
Charles Rogers   2011-2019
Jeffrey Spencer   2019-PRESENT

Scout executive: The chief executive officer of the council responsible for the administration, financing, marketing, motivation, recruiting, and staffing required for successful council operations.