Scout Executives/CEO

Arthur A Schuck   1919-1919
Adam J. Himmelsbach   1919-1920
P. Henry Sluyter   1920-1923
Charles M. Heistand   1923-1929
Thomas J. Price   1929-1940
Louis Lester   1940-1957
Donald Simpson   1957-1966
John H. Gronemeyer   1966-1969
Walter Ryan Jr.   1969-1975
George E. Test   1975-1981
Richard C. Bennett   1981-1988
Paul D. Beauregard   1988-1997
Douglas Dillow   1997-2003
Brian Sinders   2003-2007
Eric Magendantz   2007-2011
Charles Rogers   2011-2019
Jeffrey Spencer   2019-PRESENT

Scout executive: The chief executive officer of the council responsible for the administration, financing, marketing, motivation, recruiting, and staffing required for successful council operations.

The store and council office will be closed on Juneteenth and the 4th of July.