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How is Scouting Doing?

We get that question a lot! Carl asked me that and remembered the great things Scouting did for him growing up.  I told him those great things are still happening – camps, youth training, great adventures in mountains and on and under the sea.  He followed up with the “membership question”. Is Scouting growing? Are you getting new members?

I told him over 5000 families in Chester County are active right now n Scouting, and we have 2800 volunteers. He was a little relieved. And they he asked (again) “Is it growing?”

The answer for BSA at the national, regional and council level is no.  Scouting is not growing. Some units are growing. Most are not.  Some councils are growing.  Most are not.   

With the help of two dozen district and council volunteers, we’re changing our membership growth plan to help your unit be one of the ones growing. We know Scouting’s future is determined by our ability to bring new families into the program while maintaining or improving the quality program Scouting has always delivered.

How are we doing?  This year we have been measuring the number of new youth joining packs, troops, and crews. We’ve been sharing this information with our district volunteers and key leaders in each unit. In Cub Scouting, we have some good news.  This past October we recruited 58% more new boys than we did last year. November was up another 16%. That means we’ll end 2014 with more new Cub Scouts recruited than last year.

Want to see how your pack, troop, or crew is doing adding new members?

Pack New Members Report
Troop New Member Report
Crew New Member Report

Want to help us help Scouting units grow? 

Email us at membership@cccbsa.org and offer to help.


Tom Dintaman, Assistant Scout Executive


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