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Trailblazer Newsletter

The Trailblazer is emailed on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month, with an occasional special edition a few times a year. Click Here to join our email list. We also post updates and announcements regularly to our Facebook Page.

Submissions are due by 10am on the Monday prior to the release date. If you would like to submit an article for consideration in a future edition, please send the following info via email to trailblazer@cccbsa.org:
-- Short Headline
-- One to two sentences for the 'article' (include date and location, if applicable)
-- Digital links (URL's) to online articles or sites, as well as any pdf's or jpg's you'd like to share
-- Which editions you'd like the article to appear (no more than three in a row, please)

**Please Note: If you are planning to advertise an activity that involves earning Merit Badges, please submit this form to our advancement committee for approval PRIOR to submitting an article.**

Click on the links below to download any back issue. Please note that any links contained in an old issue will be outdated. Please email the Trailblazer team at trailblazer@cccbsa.org with any questions.

Submissions for the February 18th edition are due by February 12th, 2018 

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