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Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills

Boy Scout troops now have the option of unit-based certification for Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills (IOLS), required training for all Scoutmasters, Assistants and some Venturing Crew Advisors.

The Leadership Training Committee, acknowledging that a) some leaders already possess the required skills (recently aged-out Eagle Scouts for example) and b) the need for this training is greater than our capacity to deliver it, has developed an approved process for unit-based certification.

How to do it:

1) Select an IOLS trained unit leader to conduct your IOLS training/certification.
2) Obtain from the Council Service Center:
   a. A copy of the IOLS skills inventory .
   b. A blank Training Attendance Report, and,
   c. Blank Trained cards for the number of Scouters you are training.
3) Conduct the training/certification at the outing(s) or event(s) that best support it.
4) Issue a completed Trained card to the Scouter and submit the completed Training Attendance Report to the Council Service Center so that the Scouter’s Training Record may be updated. (Please remember that if the Training Attendance Report is not returned to the Council Service Center, individual Training Records cannot be updated)


Outdoor skills are critical to the success of the Scouting program, and Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills will provide leaders with the basic outdoor skills information needed to start a program right.

This course is required training for Scoutmasters, assistant Scoutmasters, Varsity Coaches and assistant Varsity Coaches. The skills taught are based on the outdoor skills found in The Boy Scout Handbook.

The course is also ideal for Venturing leaders because it focuses on skills that build confidence and competence in leaders conducting outdoor camping experiences.

Instructors will help you learn how to set up camp, cook, work with woods tools and about ropes, first aid, planning campfire programs, map reading and compass skills, hiking and packing techniques, nature identification, and Leave No Trace.

Each outdoor session will bring to life the pages of the Boy Scout Handbook to help you deliver the promise of Scouting to yourself and the youth you serve. It will increase your comfort level and give you confidence as a trained, skilled leader. The program will also give you the opportunity to work with other Scout leaders from your area, meet new friends, and reinforce skill techniques with fellow unit leaders.


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