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Support our future Program, Activity and Resource Campus (PARC) or great programs at Horseshoe Scout Reservation

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"We hope you will take us up on this offer; together we can make an even bigger impact on Scouting!"
Russ & Nancy Neubauer

There are so many great projects underway to benefit the Scouts of Chester County Council that it can be tough deciding which to support. Well, Russ and Nancy Neubauer want to make your decision easy!

You can make a contribution to the Program, Activity & Resource Campus (PARC) and they will match it. Or, if you prefer, make a contribution in support of the Horseshoe Scout Reservation, either the Raise the Signal campaign, or the Year-round Canoeing initiative, or both, and the Neubauers will make a matching contribution to the PARC Campaign - doubling your impact! That’s right, two contributions for the price of one! It’s like killing two birds...you get it.

The match is applicable to all personal gifts between $100 and $10,000 (Up to a total of $100,000) received now through December 31, 2017. Gifts to the PARC Campaign or the Horseshoe Scout Reservation will be matched 1:1 with a contribution to PARC. Click here to download a donation form and get more information.

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